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At our FEPSAC Congress, sport psychology and the field of sports psychology are in the spotlight!

We will enjoy and celebrate entertaining presentations! We’d love to see you there.

FEPSAC 2024 Science and Applied Slam Award


The Local Organizing Committee FEPSAC2024 is glad to host the FEPSAC 2024 Science and Applied Slam Award! The Science and Applied Slam is a special form of oral presentation that reaches a broad audience. It offers funny and creative, but still informative, scientific and applied presentations of up-to-date and original research.

The Local Organizing Committee FEPSAC2024 is glad to invite participants, accompanying persons, guests interested on approaching the FEPSAC Community, to the FEPSAC 2024 Science and Applied Slam Award.

Six participants (Three brilliant practitioners and three brilliant researchers) will present their own applied and scientific work in an ironically humorous way during the Congress.


The Science and Applied Slam Award will be evaluated and presented by the Science and Applied Slam Committee

Science Slam

Young and senior researchers are invited to consider joining for the FEPSAC 2024 Science Slam, where the complexity of sport and exercise psychology research is transformed into accessible and enjoyable presentations. This event invites researchers to step out of the academic sphere and connect with the audience through humor and simplicity. Participants are encouraged to present their scientific findings with a twist, making their rigorous research resonate with attendees in an unexpectedly delightful way. If you have the ability to translate research findings into engaging stories and theoretical concepts into relatable narratives, the Science Slam awaits your contribution.

Applied Slam

The Applied Slam at FEPSAC 2024 is a showcase for practitioners who excel in applying evidence-based sport psychology in the field. This is your opportunity to demonstrate how theoretical principles are translated into practical outcomes with athletes and teams. We are looking for engaging storytellers who can share their experiences and insights into the application of sport psychology, highlighting both their successes and the humorous realities of hands-on practice. If your expertise lies in bridging the gap between research and practice with measurable impact, we invite you to share your journey at the Applied Slam.

Voting System We will have a combination of audience votes via smartphone and of committee votes:
• 70% Audience
• 30% Committee (each of the 6 committee members weighing 5% of total votes of the audience)

The best Science Slam and the best Applied Slam contributions (one for each category) will be awarded a prize by the Congress host.

Coaching – Science & Applied Slam

In the run up to the FEPSAC 2024 Science & Applied Slam, we're offering a unique coaching opportunity designed to help you shine on stage. The focus will be on the essentials: making your presence felt, connecting with the audience, and sharing your knowledge in a way that sticks. You'll learn how to lay out your ideas clearly, add a pinch of humor to keep things interesting, and tell your facts and findings into stories that speak to everyone. We'll also work on using visuals that support your words and mastering the rhythm of your speech for maximum effect. This coaching is all about giving you the tools to turn your presentation into a performance that informs, entertains, and stays with the audience long after you've left the stage.

Sylvain Laborde brings a large Science Slam experience with him to the coaching role for the FEPSAC 2024 Science & Applied Slam. With an extensive background in delivering engaging Science Slams across Europe, he has mastered the art of making complex concepts approachable and exciting. Winning Science Slam awards in various languages, Sylvain has demonstrated his ability to adapt content for diverse audiences. He is very excited to help the FEPSAC Science & Applied Slams participants to present their work in a compelling and relatable manner.

Sylvain Laborde – Our Coach for the Science & Applied Slam FEPSAC Congress 2024

FEPSAC 2024 Trailer Science Slam

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