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At our FEPSAC Congress, sport psychology and the field of sports psychology are in the spotlight!

We connect our partners and leaders with the most influential people in performance psychology!


Why partner with us?

Reach the worldwide leaders in sport and performance psychology from top universities, outstanding schools, professional and olympic sport organizations, e-sports, virtual reality, cyberpsychology, arts, military and police settings and medicine.

“What our leaders do?

They play a crucial role in guiding and influencing individuals, groups, organizations, and even nations in the field of sport and psychology performance in different fields.. Their responsibilities can vary depending on the context, but generally, our leaders perform the following functions:

1. Vision and Direction
2. Decision Making
3. Strategy Development
4. Communication.
5. Motivation and Inspiration
6. Decision Delegation
7. Team Building
8. Performance Management
9. Change Management
10. Ethical and Moral Guidance

Our leaders monitor and assess the performance of individuals and teams. They provide feedback, offer guidance, and identify areas for improvement. They also recognize and reward exceptional performance.

Our partnership packages can be tailored to work best for you to help fulfil the needs of your business and to connect you with our leaders in sport and performance psychology. Make real connections with our analog and digital marketing possibilities.

Place your brand at our events. These include for instance: exhibitor at our European Congress, partner of our keynote speakers, supporter of our science and applied awards, performance summits, tournaments (soccer, esports), social programme, kids sport week, workshops, symposia and social events.

And in addition you can provide our audience with digital content (infographics, newsletters, Blogging, e-books, videos, podcasts, reports, questionnaires, online workshops).

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