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At our FEPSAC Congress, sport psychology and the field of sports psychology are in the spotlight!

Why would you be anywhere else than in Innsbruck from Monday, July 15th to Friday, July 19th 2024?

About us

Welcome message from the FEPSAC President Maurizio Bertollo

Dear colleagues!
Welcome to the exciting world of sport and exercise psychology! Our 2024 Congress in Innsbruck brings together professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts passionate about the intersection of sports and psychology. Whether you're attending our congress to learn about the latest research in our field, network with fellow experts, or gain insights into improving athletic performance and well-being through psychological techniques, you're in for a rewarding experience. The representatives of the National Association of Sport and Exercise Psychology affiliated to FEPSAC will have the opportunity to share their local experience with the entire community.

Our FEPSAC Congress 2024 offers a platform to explore topics such as mental toughness, motivation, performance anxiety, team dynamics, and the psychological aspects of coaching and sports management, but also the fields of physical and mental health of individuals and groups. If you are looking for concepts and tools to promote motivation, self confidence, cognitive abilities and social connection in these areas you should attend the congress.
Overall, the FEPSAC Congress in Innsbruck will be an excellent opportunity to connect with colleagues, learn from experts, and contribute to the field of sport and exercise psychology. Make the most of this event, and I hope it leads to valuable collaborations and insights for you and your peers!

Welcome message from the President of the Professional Association of Austrian Psychologists
Beate Wimmer-Puchinger

Dear colleagues,
on behalf of the Professional Association of Austrian Psychologists, which boasts nearly 6,000 members, it is our immense pleasure to extend our support to the FEPSAC Congress in Innsbruck. Over the past few years, the number of sport psychologists in Europe working with professional teams, national and Olympic training centers, and universities has seen a dramatic increase. Furthermore, our division of sport psychology, comprising more than 200 members, has been highly active, establishing standards of practice, ensuring quality, and safeguarding clients against malpractice and harm. Throughout Europe, various initiatives are underway to promote sport psychology, establish professional training, and practice pathways within the field. The field of sports psychology is gaining increasing societal significance, particularly in the realms of health promotion and secondary prevention of mental disorders. Additionally, it plays an active preventive role in the context of sexual violence.
We firmly believe that hosting this congress in Austria presents a remarkable opportunity to further advance and strengthen the discipline of sport psychology in Europe.
We eagerly anticipate your presence in Innsbruck and warmly welcome you to this exciting event.

Welcome message from the Congress President Chris Willis

Dear FESPAC Members, Esteemed Colleagues, and Respected Friends of our Global Sport and Performance Psychology Community,
FEPSAC (European Federation of Sport Psychology) stands as the premier organization for sport psychology in Europe. On behalf of the Division of Sport Psychology of the Professional Association of Austrian Psychologists, the Center of Mental Excellence GmbH, and the PCO Tyrol Congress, we are thrilled to announce that we have been granted the privilege of hosting the FEPSAC Congress 2024 in the beautiful city of Innsbruck, Austria, for the very first time.
Innsbruck, a city with a remarkable history of hosting the Olympic Games three times, is no stranger to international sporting excellence. In 1964 and 1976, it welcomed the world for the Winter Olympics, and the 1st Youth Olympic Winter Games in 2012 were a splendid celebration of competitive sport and joyful camaraderie. In 2020, Innsbruck played host to the Winter World Masters Games, the world's largest winter sports festival, bringing together elite athletes and enthusiasts over 30. Given Innsbruck's legacy of exemplary performance under pressure, it is the ideal setting for engaging in discussions and presenting the latest research and applications in the field of sport and performance psychology, with a particular focus on "performance under pressure."
Our vision for this congress is to advance this theme through a program that combines scientific rigor with practical relevance. We are committed to featuring exceptional keynote speakers, captivating symposia, hands-on workshops, as well as individual oral and poster presentations. Additionally, we are excited to introduce a scientific slam and an applied slam to further enrich our offerings. We have received overwhelmingly positive responses from esteemed colleagues who have graciously agreed to join the scientific and applied committees. Furthermore, we are actively collaborating with leading national and international associations in sport and performance psychology to elevate the profile of the congress.
In light of Innsbruck's rich history and tradition in professional sports, we anticipate significant media and public interest in the FEPSAC Congress 2024. We are confident that we will deliver an exceptional program in collaboration with our local sports organizations, complete with an engaging social and athletic agenda. We believe that the FEPSAC Congress 2024 in Innsbruck, Austria, will create enduring scientific, applied, and social memories for all our participants. We consider hosting the 17th FEPSAC Congress in Innsbruck, situated in the heart of the Alps, as a unique opportunity to promote and advance our field, particularly within Europe and in collaboration with our colleagues worldwide.
We eagerly look forward to welcoming you to Innsbruck.
With warm regards,
Chris Willis

About Fepsac – European Federation of Sport Psychology
The original name derives from its French denomination “Fédération Européenne de Psychologie des Sports et des Activités Corporelles”. FEPSAC is an International non-profit Association aiming to promote scientific, educational and professional work in sport psychology, disseminate information and promote co-operation in sport psychology and maintain social and scientific relations between persons and groups working in sport psychology, mainly in Europe, and to encourage young European scientists in sport psychology.

About BÖP - Division Sport Psychology
With over 6,000 members, the Professional Association of Austrian Psychologists (Berufsverband Österreichischer PsychologInnen, BÖP) is the largest representative body of psychologists in Austria and an important partner in the Austrian health and social care landscape. It plays a decisive role in the provision of psychosocial care in Austria and ensures quality standards for the performance of psychological activities. It has represented the professional interests of psychologists for almost 70 years.
The Division Sport Psychology of the Professional Association of Austrian Psychologists was founded in 1998, has 228 sport psychologists and is a member of FEPSAC and EFPA. The Division Sport Psychology is the largest association of sport psychologists in Austria and promotes the professional interests of sport and exercise sport psychologists in Austria. The focus of the Division is to increase awareness and understanding of the field of sport and exercise psychology, and the profession of sport and exercise sport psychologists.

About Center of Mental Excellence GmbH
The Center of Mental Excellence (CME) GmbH is a leading organization specializing in human performance in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) in Europe. Our team of professionals imparts best-practice models, methods, and strategies that have demonstrated remarkable success in coaching, particularly within the realms of competitive sports, military and police contexts, performing arts, aviation, and medicine. Headquartered in Austria and Germany, CME, under the leadership of CEO Dr. Christopher Willis, collaborates with a diverse spectrum of organizations, assisting individuals and teams across Europe in realizing their full potential and constructing a sustainable competitive edge. CME stands at the forefront in the DACH region when it comes to training performance coaches, notably sport and performance psychologists.
Additionally, CME plays a pivotal role in shaping the evaluation processes, methodologies, and organizational structures for sport psychology training programs in Austria and Germany. In partnership with the associations of sport psychologists in Austria and Germany, the Center of Mental Excellence GmbH provides comprehensive training opportunities, workshops, supervision, an annual conference, and annually presents the esteemed "Novice Professional Sport Psychologist Award." Over the past two decades, the CME team has had the privilege of training over 600 psychologists in the field of sport psychology.

About PCÜ Tyrol
The team of the PCO Tyrol Congress, founded in 1992, offers congress organizers throughout Europe the entire range of services of a Professional Congress Organizer. They specialize in the handling of international, scientific congresses. Austrian PCO Tyrol Congress has been accredited as a member of the International Association of Professional Conference Organisers (IAPCO). PCO Tyrol Congress has a professional and dedicated team with a broad experience and will take care of all organizational and logistical tasks of our congress.

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